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Pictured: Motherfucker Control. Pictured: Scientific Progress. Where your family!? You so gettin' sat! Happy Nightmares! Love, Robert.

So, while the Internet may have linked humanity via information, and possibly ushered in a new era of human intelligence, it's also allowed us just enough distance to constantly tell each other to go fuck ourselves unconscious for no apparent reason with Are men with money assholes previously unheard of lack of empathy and remorse. And on a completely unrelated note: Go fuck yourselves unconscious, dicktards. If there's any institution that doesn't want us to know how much it messes up, it's the military.

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Continue Reading Below. Unsurprisingly, they found that subjects reading the "lucky" stories basically felt like life had lightly grazed their souls in the junk, invoking that slow, ebbing pain that crawls up your gut and is somehow worse than a direct hit--while the Are men with money assholes luck" stories inspired a particularly spiteful kind of well-being, like sunning yourself on a clear spring day Recommended For Your Pleasure. To turn on reply notifications, click here.

Just what is it that makes funny people stop being funny for a living?

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