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Additional reference material is listed on my Study Materials page. Why do VHF and UHF radio signals usually travel somewhat farther than the visual line of sight distance between two stations?

Which of the following types of solder is best for radio and electronic use? Under what circumstances should you consider communicating via simplex rather than a repeater? What is the source of a high-pitched whine that varies with engine speed in a mobile transceiver's receive audio? What should you do if another operator reports that your station's 2 meter signals were strong just a moment Amateur radio technician class audio, but now they are weak or distorted?

How much transmitter power should be used on the uplink frequency of an amateur satellite or space station? What brief statement is often transmitted in place of "CQ" to indicate that you are listening on a repeater? Which of the following establishes grounding requirements for an amateur radio tower or antenna? What reading on an SWR meter indicates a perfect impedance match between the antenna and the feed line? Why is coaxial cable used more often than any other feed line for amateur radio antenna systems?

What is the voltage across a ohm resistor if a current of 1 ampere flows through it? Which of the following describes combining speech Amateur radio technician class audio an RF carrier signal? What is the approximate Nude women with pubic hair tumblr of change, measured in decibels dBof a power decrease from 12 watts to 3 watts?

What is the definition of duty cycle during the averaging time for RF exposure? Are amateur station control operators ever permitted to operate outside the frequency privileges of their license class? What might be the problem if you receive a report that your audio signal through the repeater is distorted or unintelligible? Under which of Amateur radio technician class audio following circumstances may an amateur radio station engage in broadcasting?

What is the advantage of having multiple receive bandwidth choices on a multimode transceiver? When using tactical identifiers such as "Race Headquarters" during a community service net operation, how often must your station transmit the station's FCC-assigned call sign? In which direction is the radiation strongest from a half-wave dipole antenna in free space? What electrical component is used to protect other circuit components from Amateur radio technician class audio overloads?

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