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Thread starter texasboyy Start date Dec 29, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The best page for sexy webcams, check it out today. Feb 12, 3, Growing up during the 60 and 70s I was lucky enough to see my friends' moms naked either on accident or purpose.

When I was eight, a buddy and I were being loud in his room while I stayed over. His mom late 30swho had been in bed, came in upset telling is to keep it down. She was wearing a thin nightgown. I could see her nipples and thin panties through it. I could also see the outline of her thick bush.

She had to have known we could see her. One time when I was 10, a mom early 40s was sunbathing on her stomach by their pool while her son and I swam. Her bikini top was untied. I asked if I could get a soda inside and she asked if I would get her one too. I handed her the bottle and she turned sideways to get it, revealing her boobs. She smiled and took a sip. My friend yelled at her saying her boobs were showing. She laughed and lay back down. I spent the night with another friend when I was 11 and went down early to wait for him to wake up.

I caught his mom in the kitchen naked holding a towel in front of herself. She was facing away and her round ass was exposed. She turned, surprised, and said she just got out of the shower and thought everyone was asleep. She had the towel pressed up against her boobs so her massive cleavage was showing. She walked away and gave me a look at her bare ass Nude women grand canyon. I was 12 and stayed up late to watch TV when my friend went to bed.

His mom early 40s walks into the den stark naked and acts shocked I was there. But she didn't cover up. She just stood there and asked me if I enjoyed dinner. Amateur friends mom naked said yes as I stared at her body. She said good and walked into the kitchen. A few moments later she came back with a glass of water, said good night and walked to Amateur friends mom naked bedroom.

Anyone else? Reactions: hammermaniflash2glenn and 22 others. Nov 2, 5, Nowadays if that happened the Amateur friends mom naked would tell his parents. Hell he'd call his parents on his handy cell phone.

Police would be summoned. Woman would be arrested and charged with child endangerment. Restraining orders would be taken out. Child would immediately start psychotherapy to address the psychological damage done to him. He would stay in psychotherapy Amateur friends mom naked he was 18 and left home to join a transgendered leather biker gang.

I had one experience I can remember. I was staying at a friends house as I had ran away from home and needed a place to stay. I was already going in and out of 'counseling' lol. I went to the garage and the mom was bending over the freezer with her incredibly huge ass in a green Amateur friends mom naked hanging out looking at me. I feel she must have known as I asked her something and she just kept doing it. She was Amateur friends mom naked gross and Amateur friends mom naked I wanted to vomit.

Especially in light of the fact that I had just run away it really was a formative experience in teaching me not to trust people in general. So in hindsite she probably did me a favor.

Not in showing me her enormous cottage cheesed ass but in teaching me women were pretty fucking mental and not trustworthy. Its been Amateur friends mom naked least thirty years. Maybe its time to alert the media and sue her and write a book? Reactions: iflash2boolahclubster and 4 others. Barebuns Love to do 3somes and trade stories of our youth! Dec 15, 3, Coldspring, TX. Or let her catch you jerking off the next time she shows up, lol!

Reactions: aleglover and texasboyy. Another time when I was 8, I was in a buddy's basement watching TV. His mom sent him to the store down the street to get bread while I waited.

She walked down and started the washer while we chatted. Then she noticed a stain on her shirt and just pulled it off in front of me. Topless she kept chatting while she tossed it in the washer, added soap and started it. Next, she looked at her shorts, shrugged and pulled those off. She had panties on but they had ridden up her ass crack. She was a bit heavy but I didn't care. She tossed Amateur friends mom naked shorts in, turned, asked what we wanted for lunch, and walked upstairs.

When I was 10, I was waiting outside a shy friend's room while he dressed. His parent's Amateur friends mom naked was across the hall with the door open. Their bathroom door opened and his mom walked out naked drying her hair after a shower. Her eyes were closed so she didn't see me. I stood there, frozen, staring at her boobs and thick bush.

She finally opened her eyes, saw me, let out a shocked yelp and rushed back into the bathroom. I told my friend and he just laughed. I thought I was going to get in Amateur friends mom naked. But later she apologized to me saying she should have had her door closed.

Last edited: Jan 8, Guess I'm the only one who saw naked moms? Oliver Clothesoff Where the hell am I now? Mar 21, 2, IP set for fuck all?????? Reactions: glennMBDBaldballs and 10 others. SaintlysinnerJT Let's make a show of it. Dec 11, Johnson City TN. I seen two of my friends mom's naked.

When I was ten I was staying with a friend while my parents were out of town and his mom was this really new age hippy type. She didn't try to show off but if she did oh well.

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