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Blogger Template by Blogcrowds. I hadn't been at my college very long. It was a medium-size state university; lots of history, very preppy. My parents had both attended and had encouraged me to attend as well. Because my Mom and Dad had been in the Greek societies, they told me all about their sorority and fraternity experiences. It sounded innocent enough; some beer, an occasional party, cheat sheets, stuff like that.

I always found this ironic because he hadn't kept in touch with anyone from college. I received a lot of "rush" invitations, which was what they called it when a fraternity indicated they might be interested in pursuing you to join. No commitment, just stop by on a "rush" night. I attended a lot of the "rush" parties. They were pretty fun. The fraternity that interested me the most was "Delta Delta" Amateur college cfnm initiation its real name. It was pretty casual. My family had moved to California, and I had grown up with a laid-back style.

This Back-East college was nothing close to laid-back, so it was an enjoyable break to attend their parties. I just kind of settled there for the rush Amateur college cfnm initiation and before I knew it, I had been asked if I would pledge.

They said that, although it was my decision, they would approve of joining Delta Delta. I phoned the "Initiation Chair", as they called the senior frat member who was in charge of initiating Amateur college cfnm initiation new members, and accepted their invitation. I was a "scab" and wouldn't have Amateur college cfnm initiation of the privileges of Amateur college cfnm initiation fraternity until after initiation.

I was informed that I would have to move into the frat house for the two weeks of initiation. I said good-bye to my roommate, and packed up enough stuff for two weeks away. For the first couple of days, it wasn't too bad. They would wake us up Amateur college cfnm initiation am and make us watch boring movies or eat weird shit or dump cold water on us. Juvenile stuff. They sent us on wild chases. Make prank phone-calls to deans of the school.

I thought it was pretty asinine. The worst was having to collect zebra shit from the small, local zoo. At the end of the first week, they informed us that we would Amateur college cfnm initiation to attend a party at our sister sorority. The tradition as I had heard it was that all the pledges would have to wear nothing but Saran-Wrap at midnight. I had heard it wasn't too bad because most of the sorority girls knew about it and would leave before we would have had to come dressed in plastic wrap.

What we didn't know was that the president of our frat and the sorority president had met over the summer and decided that the Saran Wrap stuff was pretty lame. The sorority president told our frat president that the reason the girls left was that they thought if they stayed, all the guys would think they were sluts.

Stan suggested that the pledges would come alone; no other Amateur college cfnm initiation members would be there. Michelle ran this by the other sorority girls. Still not good enough, the girls did wanted to look, but didn't want the guys to know who they were. The compromise was that the invitees would come one at a time to the sorority house, blind-folded. Stan and Michelle came up with the following Amateur college cfnm initiation. Each Pledge would pick a number out of a hat.

That number was the day of the week they were to show up at the sorority house. They were to be there by PM and sent back to the frat house by AM. A frat brother would accompany the pledge to the sorority house, but leave them. The frat brother was responsible for getting the pledge suffic- iently comfortable via drinks or whatever and blind-fold them before entering the sorority house.

One sorority sister would communicate with the pledge. The pledge would be referred to by the number they drew. The sorority sister could make any request of the pledge. If the sorority sisters felt the pledge was uncoop- erative, they would report it to the frat brother. An uncooperative pledge would be looked upon unfavorably by the other frat brothers. Pledges were not to discuss anything that occurred with anyone.

When they explained the rules, I thought the girls would be pretty lame. If they couldn't handle SaranWrap, what could they do? On Saturday night, at a usual beer keg party, the pledges drew numbers from the hat.

I got number four. As each of my other pledges went over to the sorority house, those of use who hadn't gone yet would quiz them about what had happened. They were pretty tight-lipped. After we were frat brothers, I would find out Amateur college cfnm initiation each night, the Amateur college cfnm initiation got more daring with their guests. On Thursday, Amateur college cfnm initiation night, the Initiation Chair took me out to a nearby bar for a couple of drinks at We talked about all kinds of stuff, we bought each other a couple of rounds.

He told me that initiation wasn't as bad as it used to be now that hazing had been outlawed by the "Greek Council". Athe told me we had to walk back to the sorority house. We were both pretty buzzed and I realized it as we walked the mile and a half to the sorority house. I began to get nervous. He must have picked up on it. They're pretty conservative girls. We turned into the cul-de-sac that the sorority house was on, and started to go up the front stairs.

He stopped me. He took a blind-fold out of his jacket pocket and tied it around my eyes. I would have been shaking Amateur college cfnm initiation it weren't for the drinks. He rang the door bell and it was answered quickly.

As I Amateur college cfnm initiation led up and into the house, I couldn't see a thing and tripped over more than a few Amateur college cfnm initiation and the vestibule.

I heard the door close, I knew my frat brother was on the other side of it. A woman grabbed my arm and led me to a chair. Someone handed me a water and said nothing. As I drank it, I could hear the footsteps and sounds of others entering the room.

It must have been a fairly big room because of the Indian aunty underwear pics. I could hear the sounds of blinds being shut and curtains being drawn. I reached out to find a table to my left and put the glass of water onto it. They began with a serious of normal questions. Where I was from, how many girlfriends had I had. And they began to get more personal. I was really inexperienced at the time and had only slept with one woman.

It was a long-term relationship and one I still would have been in had I not been on the East Coast. You realize you can refuse at any time", she said. I drew in a deep breath and began to remove my clothes. As I took of my shirt, I Amateur college cfnm initiation how cool the room was; it was fall. I tried to pile my clothes near me. An arm grabbed me and moved me over to a Amateur college cfnm initiation place, must have been near a fireplace or radiator because it was noticeably warmer.

I could. I could hear whispering in the background. I thought I could pick out at least five others Amateur college cfnm initiation the room Amateur college cfnm initiation my ears got used to where the sounds were emanating from. But who could be sure. At the time, I was in really good shape. I was good at lacrosse and was on the junior varsity team.

I didn't have an ounce of fat on me because lacrosse is a lot of sprinting and Amateur college cfnm initiation, much like soccer is. I wasn't ashamed of my body, but I wasn't sure of the circumstances.

I felt more than Amateur college cfnm initiation little vulnerable, sort of like being in a doctors' office, but not being able to see. Asking a Freshman man if he masturbated would be like asking if they breathed. I had been dreading this and I sighed and slowly dropped my underwear and put them as near my foot as I could, knowing the rest of my clothes were somewhere across the room.

I started to shiver, out of pure nervousness.

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