Things I Have Learnt About Advertising

The main point of advertising in commercial real estate is to attract the enquiry. If you are to set up a campaign to sell or lease a property, it is wise to give great focus to the advertising format and layout.

In this property market we must do more with fewer enquiries; that being said there is still qualified prospects ready to buy or rent your listings. It all comes down to just how you attract the market. Every property marketing effort must be specific and direct. The message just has to be relevant to the target market.

Attract the Reader

To make all of this work you can set up an advertising layout that attracts the reader’s eye and motivates the call to action. Every property will have many factors that will help you boost the marketing effort. If you take more time in setting up your campaign you can create the levels of enquiry that will help you get more people to the property.

Here are some ideas to help your marketing effort:

    1. In the first instance, walk through the property yourself to carefully assess the strengths and weaknesses of the asset that will have an impact on what you do with prospects and the inspections that will be happening. The strengths of the property can feature in the advertising and the weaknesses may have to be addressed prior to commencement of marketing.

    1. From your property walk through make a list of things that will attract attention to your property advertising. What should be the headline of maximum impact using these features? If you are stuck for words, look at magazines and newspapers for the way they handle marketing.

    1. Get professional photos done of the property that can feature in your online and offline marketing. You will always get better enquiry from an advert that has professional photos as part of its layout.

    1. To generate interest in the body of the advertising, use ‘dot points’ as part of the layout below the photograph of the property.

    1. The ‘dot points’ should lead to a short paragraph of property description. Choose words that are well ranking in search engines by accessing a keyword search tool.

    1. Good property advertising tends to use more ‘white space’ around each advert. The white space draws in the reader’s attention to the media.

    1. Always make it easy for people to get more information about the property. Generally you should include your name, email address and mobile telephone number in the advertising.

  1. Incorporate a listing number in the advertising to make it easy for someone to speak to you and quote the property. This is very handy when you are involved in leasing or selling a number of properties in a project.

Every advertising dollar spent today should be well considered and supported by specific and well planned marketing. In this way you will get more enquiries. That will help your sale and lease results.