Random Thoughts About Advertising

Leave your URL everywhere. Put your URL on everything; below your signature both online and offline, on every page of your web site, on promotional items, and anywhere else you can.

Advertise on the Internet. Your customers will consider your site as a legitimate business. You don’t have to use paper and postage. The Internet allows the customer to interact and see instant results.

You can target by market areas, 24/7/365, to reach customers.

You can do market research and testing with few risks to your investment.

It allows you to change the content of your Web site and advertising quickly.

E-mail and article campaigns are cost effective and allow you to reach customers globally.

Optin e-mails will reduce spam complaints and help you build a list of customers.

You can target your market with an automated advertising campaign. This allows the Web site to do the work for you. Learn everything you can about auto responders.

Save yourself hundreds, maybe thousands, or dollars by learning how to design and maintain your Web site.

Your shopping cart should be the best you can get. It should have as many features as you can afford.

Have a presence on eBay by starting a storefront.

Use up-sell and cross-promotion programs.

Use article campaigns, promotional items, links, advertising, and other ways to get on the first page.

Listed above are some random thoughts about advertising and automation for your Web site. If you are new to the Internet marketing game you should be trying to learn as much as you can about your business. Do your research, read as many articles as you can about everything you can think of.