Busting the Myths About Advertising

They are often told to you by advertising reps. But the reality is if you advertise for 12-weeks you’re NOT going to somehow get better results.

So unless you’re a large, big brand agency or something like that what I would be focusing on is measuring everything you do like a salesman because the bottom line is that very few people who sell you the advertising have tracked the ads that they actually run.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re cold calling, advertising, doing stuff on the internet or using direct mail you need to measure everything you do accurately. The problem is that you’ve never been taught how to do this.

The good news is it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get started. What you really need is the right information and lots and lots of action.

Look at yourself as a scientist who comes up with a hypothesis and says: “Hey, I’ll try a joint venture strategy and see if that will work.” Now that joint venture strategy either works or it doesn’t and then you go into the next hypothesis and the next hypothesis. And what you want to be doing as a business owner is having as many hypotheses as you possibly can and then implementing them.

Once you start to do that and once you get an advertisement that works for you or an internet campaign that works or whatever, then you can start to use that money to snowball other advertising campaigns and other marketing campaigns.

To get there you don’t need to spend a lot of money. It could be a matter of sending out 2,000 flyers which would cost you $500 – and then you can send out 50,000 flyers. But without the knowledge of how to actually craft your marketing you’re stuck in a business which is full of limitations. You can’t travel. You can’t give you family what they need. You’re always working hard rather than working smart and you can’t take time off and get the freedom that was the main reason you got into business in the first place.

But once you really grasp how to generate customers, that will truly change your life. You’ll have more time. You’ll be able to travel. You’ll be able to pay off your home sooner. And you will have the peace of mind of knowing you will generate a certain amount of business every single week. It’ll make you a happier, more relaxed person and your family and friends will love you for it.